How to Increase Revenue by Not Getting SEO Wrong

If you want to make sure the money you invest in SEO is well-spent, it helps to know common reasons people get SEO all wrong. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not achieved with haphazard strategies. Countless diligent yet failed attempts to increase profits through optimization are proof enough that knowing why SEO fails could lead to success.

Attract Healthy Links

Link building is the gold standard in boosting SEO. The purpose of an external link is to support your content, and getting it right is difficult. It takes insightful website development and a balanced link profile to attract the authoritative websites you will benefit from linking with. These things don’t happen overnight. It is counterproductive to link with poorly ranked sites while waiting for the motherlode.

The following are among the link-building practices to avoid:

  • Establish an outbound link that has no value and therefore wastes the user’s time.
  • Link to websites that have little to no traffic.
  • Link to a site that has no relevant connection to your content.

The following are a few tips for healthy link-building:

  • Link to a necessary tool that supports your content and that users will want to click.
  • Invest time and resources in building up your website so that it is of legitimate value and will help boost the sites you’re linked with.
  • Check the metrics of a site. For example, it is a good page to link with if the website is popular and trustworthy and the page is relevant as relates to the source page.

Stay Current in All Ways that Matter

It is impossible to overstress the importance of staying current. A website that lags behind loses ground in the quest for SEO. Being up-to-date can be as uncomplicated as removing or editing information as soon as it is no longer relevant. On a deeper level, it is essential to keep up with current cutting-edge tactics. When a website gets in a rut of using outdated SEO strategies and technology, competitors are much more likely to outperform.

One ongoing trend that continues to grow in significance is mobile compatibility. The vast majority of users are accessing business sites on their hand-held devices, such as cell phones and tablets. If a website is not mobile-friendly, the search engine bots will demote it in ranking.

Focus on the Correct Keywords

Choosing the most advantageous keywords you optimize your website for is not a job best suited for amateurs. It takes some expertise and analytics to make the selections that will boost SEO. When optimization is done correctly, the result is conversions. It’s possible to optimize for a keyword that increases traffic but doesn’t impact sales.

If a common keyword is chosen, the competition can be too much to overcome without the groundwork of years of ongoing, quality SEO. The best strategy is to choose relevant keywords that are used by target customers and that have a level of competition that can reasonably be conquered.

There also needs to be diversity to the keyword strategy. Long-tail keywords can often produce quick results. These are specific phrases that target customers are likely to use in an online search.

A mistake many currently make is acting on the belief that keyword frequency still correlates directly with ranking results. Algorithms have changed and many more factors come into play. Keywords are still an absolute essential component of SEO; they just aren’t everything, as in times past.

Track Online Impact

Anyone serious about SEO uses digital marketing tools. These analytic tools provide valuable insights. You can determine which online strategies are producing good results and which are flat-lining. Tracking must be accompanied by intelligent interpretation. Ideas, efforts, tracking, and regrouping are ongoing activities in achieving online business success.

Don’t make the mistake of flying blind. There are many useful resources available for tracking. One valuable analytic tool is completely free of charge: Google Analytics. It is arguably ideal for authority websites and blogs while not necessarily as valuable for sales purposes. Kissmetrics makes it possible to learn more about visitors; it is especially helpful for commerce sites. Another is CrazyEgg, which can show you where visitors are clicking on your website and, by default, which pages and links aren’t attracting attention.

Persist Aggressively with SEO

The first search engines were launched in the 1990s, which wasn’t so long ago. It is understandable that many business owners struggle to understand investments in online marketing and SEO in particular. A common practice that knocks down SEO efforts is maintaining a stagnant website, believing the work is complete once page ranking is in place. A downward slide in search results ranking begins almost without delay, when a website is inactive.

The best SEO strategies act first as foundations and then as building blocks for long-term website success. Setting up a website and then abandoning SEO strategies will allow competitors to take firm hold of top ranking status.

Understand Who Your Customer Is

Effective SEO strategies aim unswervingly at target customers. Knowing who your customer is has profound impact on the ability to achieve top ranking in search results. You can check the bounce rate of your website using analytic tools. The bounce rate tells you the number of visitors who land on your website and leave without any further exploration.

If young adults are your target audience, setting up a classic retro website may reasonably be expected to result in a high bounce rate. Focus on creating a website and landing pages that will establish an immediate connection with your customers. When SEO is done right, your desired audience will want to explore your website, which potentially leads to a conversion.

Maintain a Big-Picture Mentality

SEO has numerous components, and a common mistake made is forgetting to focus on the big picture. Ultimately, SEO is not about high ranking in search results. It is about delivering the outcome business owners really want, which is for funds to be generated.

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