The goal of an online marketing campaign in Chicago, Illinois, is to get your business found by your target audience. A new customer rarely finds you by going directly to your site. The reality is that more than 80% of users locate their destination business via search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the component of Internet marketing that gets you found organically by search engines. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are paid advertisements that provide a shortcut for putting your business in view of your audience. Research shows that SEO and PPC both have a place in driving customers to a website. In the long run, however, SEO is more cost-effective and is therefore a better return on investment (ROI).

Statistics Supporting SEO as best for ROI

A lot of experts have conducted research to determine where marketing dollars are best spent. The real question is whether organic search results or paid ads are preferred by your target audience. According to studies done by one leading SEO company, organic search results yield 8.5 times more clicks than PPC ads. Users have been learning that paid ads are at the top and organic results below, and they are more frequently skipping down to results based on the quality of a website.

Studies using heat maps show that the eyes of a searcher are far more likely to focus on organic search results while advertisements are barely seen.

Although PPC ads may yield 1.5 more conversions once the user is on the website, that fact is partly influenced by the fact that with paid ads, the text on landing pages is usually optimized by the advertiser. Keep in mind also that the opportunities are significantly multiplied with visitors who arrive organically.

PPC can be a good idea because it can quickly provide exposure for a company. The big picture, however, should be considered. A major organization specializing in SEO found that only 11% of all search engine dollars are spent on organic SEO. Only $1 billion is spent on SEO compared to $10 billion on PPC and yet organic searches are more effective!

The Results are In – SEO Wins!

A comparison of ROI for SEO and PPC, all things considered, overwhelmingly comes to the clear conclusion that SEO is the best place to put your marketing resources. The top reason may be that currently, approximately 86% of consumers have more trust in organic search engine results listings than PPC listings. In addition, over time, users visually block out advertisements.

As Internet shoppers realize more and more that SEO is a result based on quality of a website and a company’s authoritative standing in the local industry, PPC will become less and less successful. For many users, PPC ads are preferred simply because they are listed at the top. Organic results are underneath, which is where savvy users typically gravitate.

Ultimately, the basic benefit of PPC is that it can get your website found right away, while you are building a strong SEO foundation. SEO is like the tortoise that beat the hare. In the end, the winner is SEO!

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