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Why do I need an SEO Expert for a local website?      

Exposure is the single greatest factor that leads to the growth of a business. The top strategy for attracting more customers is hiring a search engine optimization or SEO agency in Chicago such as Tony M Ma Media for your local business. A first step is ensuring that your local business is listed with various online directories or review sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor. Achieving a winning SEO strategy begins there but is not nearly enough.

The Importance of Online Marketing for Local Businesses

Every Chicago competitor in your industry is likely investing significantly in online marketing because customers go online to find businesses more than 90% of the time. It requires SEO experts of Illinois to know and to take every effective step toward making sure your business lands among the top of search engine results when customers are seeking the local products and/or services that you offer. Business traffic is found online, and the work of an expert in SEO is what directs that traffic straight to you.

It All Comes Down to SEO

What is most crucial about a website is not the aesthetic appearance. SEO is the single most important element that determines whether your website will not only have visitors from potential customers but that those visitors will want to stay on your site and ultimately purchase something. An optimized site connects with both search engines and human audiences.

Every major search engine, including Google and Yahoo!, seeks to give top positioning to websites that have more than just the right keywords and keyword phrases that communicate with “search bots.” Search engines are looking to give users the answers they are looking for. An SEO expert knows the formula for success and can help your business conform to that standard.

SEO Strategies that Work

Tony M Ma Media, an expert in SEO, applies the leading strategies that are proven to improve search engine rankings. It’s important to have the help of a professional, since the algorithms that determine ranking are in a continuous state of flux. Some strategies that worked in the past have become obsolete, as programmers identify the various ways that have been used to achieve high ranking by tricking the system. We use only approved methods for boosting search engine ranking. The following are among the successful SEO strategies for local businesses in Chicago:

  • A website needs to be optimized for desktop computers and for compatibility with mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets.
  • Search terms are a huge component in achieving SEO. An SEO expert in Chicago, Tony M Ma Media knows how to determine which keywords and keyword phrases can be used to produce the best results. A consideration, for example, is how frequently a particular keyword is used. Because some have extreme competition on the Internet, it’s important to also use keywords that will attract customers but that have less online competition.
  • The structure of your URL impacts SEO. It helps if your primary keyword is in your domain name. In addition, keywords should be in page titles.
  • Although design is not an all-important element, it does count toward SEO. It’s important that users can easily find what they are looking for and move to pages of interest without excessive clicking. Nice aesthetics is definitely a good thing, but it doesn’t create the needed dynamics for excellent ranking in search engine results.
  • When relevant websites link to your website, it signals search engines that your website is viable. The more authoritative the sites linking to your business, the more your SEO is strengthened.


Another strong signal for search engines is durability. The longer your domain name has been in existence and active, the more trust your site is given. Don’t put off SEO. To get ahead of the competition, it’s essential to hire an expert in SEO in Chicago. Contact Tony M Ma Media today.

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