Top E-Commerce Trends of 2016

It has become clear to business owners everywhere that establishing an online e-commerce experience is as important as in-store appeal. Online sales drive in-store purchases and vice-versa. To get ahead of the competition, a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. If you take a close look at the leading e-commerce trends of 2016, it is apparent that all strategies come under the heading of SEO in one way or another. The following are e-commerce tips that should not be ignored.

Personalized, Contextual Shopping

A definition of contextual marketing is addressing and anticipating the needs of an individual customer based on an understanding of that individual’s behaviors, attitudes, and preferences. Many brands have already tapped into the massive amount of available information about consumers, offering in-app capabilities in which one-touch purchasing is possible. Social media is the platform which has caused the potential of contextual shopping to explode. Consumers share their purchases, making recommendations, and write reviews. When a non-disruptive contextual ad message arrives at the right time in social media circles, it is often well-received, much like a tip from a friend. Technology makes this type of targeted marketing not only possible but accessible.

Long-Form Content

Content is a critical aspect of a website, though that may not be considered news. What is a fairly new development with regards to content is that long-form content is now of utmost importance. For an e-commerce site, long-form content may mean using more conversational, long-tail phrases to provide more detail about products. Long-term phrases create a better match with relevant search queries. Offer deeper insights into your company, as well. This type of content isn’t achieved by adding unnecessary fillers. Provide meaningful information with a personal tone, as opposed to strict, old-fashioned advertising. According to research, the need for long-form content applies to practically every e-commerce niche.

Competitive Shipping Options

Consumers, by and large, have changed their expectations for shipping of their online purchases. Adapting to the new demands can mean a significant increase in sales. Instead of being content to wait up to two weeks for goods, consumers are making decisions based on speed of delivery. Amazon has impacted commerce in many ways, and catering to customer desires in connection with shipping has been chief among them. Amazon is pushing even further, offering same-day drop-offs in metropolitan areas. Adding quick shipping options is now a leading e-commerce marketing strategy.

Video Content

For any company desiring to improve SEO dramatically, adding video content is an excellent approach. If hosted on YouTube, video content is categorized as rich media and boosts your ranking in search results. The potential for going viral is greatest with video content. Improvements in video sharing capabilities and WiFI accessibility have created a growing demand for video content. This application will only continue to expand in popularity. Using video content on blog and product pages is an essential way to stay current and stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Optimization

Google has had a Mobilegeddon update that solidified the importance and basics of mobile optimization. Forget about threshold compliance with Google’s guidelines. The importance of mobile optimization cannot be exaggerated. Consumers are using multiple devices in the process of doing research and ultimately purchasing a product, though purchase is often completed offline. Websites should be optimized for mobile devices such as Smartphones, wearables, and tablets.

What Mobilegeddon did is boost ranking in search results for pages that display well on mobile devices such as Smartphones. This change, which occurred on April 21, 2015, does not affect laptop or desktop searches. It was such a monumental change, it is also referred to as mobilepocalypse, mobocalypse, and mopocalypse by SEO experts. There is a test tool that lets you know whether your website is mobile friendly. This is one of the resources you want your SEO company to utilize and its one of numerous resources used at Tony Ma M Media to ensure mobile optimization.

The following are a few ways to make a site more mobile friendly:

  • Reduce the amount of time it requires for your website to load on a mobile device. Image sizes should be reduced and flash components removed, for example.
  • Make filling out forms as easy as possible, and that means making the forms intuitive. It is more inconvenient on small screens to fill out forms than on larger screens. Any feature that simplifies the process helps to improve mobile optimization.
  • Create a simple and robust route for content sharing on social media. This benefit begins with creating great content users will want to share.

The Mobile App Conundrum

Mobile applications or “apps” provide another excellent strategy for boosting SEO. Benefits are obvious. If a consumer has your app readily accessible on their mobile device, they have given you a valuable bit of real estate. When closed, an app can collect data used to improve shopping personalization. The reality is, however, that few consumers choose the option of downloading a lot of apps, other than major social media apps such as Facebook. Things are continuously changing, however, and the ease of loading and accessing apps could improve to the point that collecting a wide range of apps becomes a new consumer habit. Focusing on other mobile optimization strategies may be the best route at this time, but it depends on the creativity and usefulness of a particular app. There is a lot of ground to be broken in this area of SEO, which makes it a strategy worth serious consideration.

Cater to Digital Assistants

Voice search with digital assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Now, have created another avenue in which to improve page ranking in search results. Create “rich answers” that provide direct responses to specific questions on your website. Capitalize on the opportunities afforded colloquial phrasing. “How do I improve SEO for my website?” is an example. By creating content that directly answers this question, a website can rise to the very top of search results.

The landscape of SEO is ever-changing. You need an SEO consultant who knows how to get your website found by your target customers. Tony M Ma Media has the skill and experience to improve your website’s position in search results. Contact Tony today for the best SEO Chicago.

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